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Check out the new Zoo Health Club in Oakland Park, Florida! http://ping.fm/Iu7z0
The Zoo Health Club Opens New Flagship Location in Oakland Park, Florida http://ping.fm/S1kwO

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The Zoo Health Club Opens New Flagship Location in Oakland Park, Florida http://ping.fm/Fog4F

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We launched a NEW Zoo Gym website this morning! check it out! http://zoogym.com/

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fall in Love with Working out at a the Zoo Health Club

The trick to falling in love with fitness is to do something you enjoy doing. It’s time to uncover your inner athlete! Below you will find some options to help you become more successful at your attempt to get in shape. But first you must consider joining a gym that will make you feel comfortable and one that is affordable like the Zoo Gym!

Here are a few tips:
Buddy Up with another member at the Zoo Health Club! It’s no secret that having a fitness buddy helps get you going. Let’s face it, when your buddy is supposed to meet you at the gym, or your buddy is expecting to train with you, you’re more apt., not hide under the covers and ignore your buddy, especially if you run into him at the Zoo Gym. You can even have a work buddy and take out on a daily lunchtime power walk, you’re less likely to sit at your desk and graze or say NO to your buddy. Better yet; take your lunch at the Zoo Health Club and just meet your buddy there. Success is much easier when shared and when supported by another trying to accomplish the same goals.

Feel Good in New Workout Clothes! Remember the old adage about how when you look good, you feel better? This goes for the gym too. If you buy yourself some fun fitness clothes that you feel good in, you are more likely to have more confidence in yourself and as a result, push yourself harder at the gym. Most of our gyms at the Zoo Health Club have apparel for sale.

Join a Gym You Feel Comfortable In and that would be the Zoo Health Club! If you struggle with intimidation, find a gym that you feel at ease in. Make sure they assist you with understanding the equipment that you will be using and one that caters to all shapes, all sizes and all ages of customers. This you can definitely find at any of our Zoo Gym clubs.

Take Your Little Ones with You! Most mothers never know when they’ll be able to squeeze in a little exercise time while running their kids around all day. Most of our Zoo Health clubs have daycares, kids clubs, and kid’s classes. So if you don’t want to leave your children, you can exercise with them or have them within reach!
Try an aerobic or group class for a workout! Most of our Zoo Health Clubs have different types of classes that are offered ranging from a simple Step Class, to Yoga Classes, Strength Classes, Kickboxing and Pilates. You can join in with new beginners for a more comfortable setting or jump in with those that have been going to classes for years. Joining in a class decreases your chance of boredom.

Hire a personal trainer at the Zoo Health Club, make yourself accountable! The days of hiring a trainer for one hour are a thing of the past. Most trainers are affordable now and can offer a program to fit your needs. Our trainers at the Zoo Health Club are certified personal trainers. Some of our Zoo Gyms offer group training classes with allows you to train with a buddy, create new relationships, share experiences, and share the costs. If your cost is lower, you’re more likely to buy more sessions and stay with your trainer when seeing results.
Take your IPOD to the Zoo Health Club- Try to make it as fun as possible. The staff at the Zoo Gym recommends that you make a few playlists with your favorite songs that get you pumped up. Also realize that the time you spend working out is YOUR time. Use your work outs at the Zoo Gym as a good chance to clear your mind and get your head straight mentally.

Keep track of your progress- As a courtesy to you and our members at the Zoo Gym- we will set you up with a free personal training session and design a workout around your wants, needs and schedule. If you keep track of your progress at the Zoo Gym you will find yourself on the way to success and using the gym much more often.

Enjoy your favorite TV Show at the Zoo Gym- For those that don’t like cardio workouts and struggle with this we make it easier by offering Cardio Theatre in our Zoo Health Clubs. You’re able to watch your favorite TV show, news show or sports show will you burn the calories.

Just as because you’ve never been successful at exercise or you could be one that just doesn’t like it there is hope for you, you can learn to love it! And you can learn to love it at the Zoo Health Club. People who work out on a regular basis enjoy the activity and like the way it makes them feel. You need to find a fitness based activity that not only makes you feel great, but is fun while you do it.

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